Unibet and Betano: In the future a lot of TV advertising on Sport1

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Unibet and Betano: In the future a lot of TV advertising on Sport1

The two bookmakers Unibet and Betano have announced that they will be placing a large advertising campaign on Sport1 in the next few months. The commercial should primarily be about the Bundesliga. Sport 1 does not broadcast the Bundesliga, but the sports channel attracts many football fans as viewers.

Sports betting providers advertise for German sports fans

What does a sports betting provider absolutely need? Sports betting! And what else? Customers! So it is only right and important that Unibet and Betano decided to start a big advertising campaign. However, the advertising campaign will not take place directly in the context of the Bundesliga games, which are extremely popular in Germany. There are already advertising partners for the Bundesliga games on the relevant TV channels. Rather, Unibet and Betano will launch an advertising campaign in the soccer field on Sport1, the leading sports broadcaster in Germany. Since almost all sports fans in Germany are also soccer fans, that may not be decisive. It is only important to reach sports fans at all. That should be possible with Sport1 without any problems, especially since there are also many programs that deal with Bundesliga football. One example is the talk show “Doppelpass”, in which experts discuss current events in the Bundesliga every Sunday morning. For Unibet it is the second Bundesliga season in a row that is accompanied by an advertising campaign on Sport1. Betano is even present for the third time with an advertising campaign for Bundesliga bets on Sport 1. This shows that these two bookmakers have a lot of experience with the advantages that advertising on this particular channel brings. The numbers from the last few years should help both bookmakers to estimate how successful the campaign will be this year. One thing is absolutely clear: there is a huge demand for sports betting fans, but not every sports betting fan has already decided which bookmaker will place the bets with.

There is often a misunderstanding in sports betting advertising and advertising in general. It is rather rare that advertising generates completely new demand. That is possible, but rather unlikely. It is much more important for companies like Unibet and Betano to place their own brands prominently. It doesn’t even have to be that every viewer at Sport1 immediately checks on their smartphone which bets are available at Unibet and Betano. But the next time a sports betting fan thinks about placing a few bets, the advertising makes it a little more likely that the decision will be made in favor of Unibet or Betano. This mechanism is known from many industries and is one reason why sports betting providers also invest a lot of money in advertising. It is just as important that the potential target group is reached when advertising. For a bookmaker, this means that sports fans must be addressed. Sports fans, who may not be very interested in football, also prick up their ears when a bookmaker advertises. After all, Unibet and Betano each have well over 20 different sports in their portfolio. The many sports fans who watch Sport1 to watch sports other than football get their money’s worth. Even in 2020, it is still inevitable for discerning bookmakers to run TV advertising. There is no other medium with which it is even easier to address a large number of people in a targeted manner.

Soon no more sports betting advertising in Germany?

Unibet and Betano are well advised to start the advertising campaign for the Bundesliga season at full throttle and pull it off. It is possible that in the next Bundesliga season there will no longer be an opportunity to advertise sports betting on Sport1. The new State Treaty on Gambling also regulates the advertising for sports betting and games of chance. It is planned that the advertising for sports betting may only be broadcast in a certain time window from late evening to early morning. It remains to be seen whether that would still be of interest to Unibet and Betano. It is very clear that the times when Sport1 has a lot of viewers are particularly interesting for companies that want to advertise. In the middle of the night, Sport1 no longer has many viewers and most of the time there is no sport on this channel at night. But that is a problem that Unibet, Betano and all other bookmakers who want to advertise sports betting in Germany will soon be able to deal intensively. For the time being, the old rules still apply, which means that it is no problem to advertise sports betting on television. It would be interesting to find out how high the advertising value of the advertised spots actually is. What is the additional revenue that Unibet and Betano make through advertising? Those in charge at Unibet and Betano can probably already make a very good estimate based on the figures from recent years. But such data is usually not published, partly because the competition could benefit significantly from such data.

Advertising sports betting can be very entertaining. When it comes to sports, advertising agencies often have very good ideas. But there are also advertisements for sports betting that are boring or even annoying. Ultimately, of course, everything is always a matter of taste. In the end, the hard facts count: Will the advertising campaign generate higher sales? This can be measured very well in today’s world. The golden days of TV advertising may be over. But the example of Unibet and Betano shows that it is still important to be present in the slightly aged medium of television. Last but not least, there are many football fans who would not voluntarily give up the television program. This is no wonder, because most football games are then broadcast on television and not, or at least not exclusively, on the Internet. This is unlikely to change in the near future, especially since sports rights are now indispensable for many TV broadcasters for economic reasons. Just imagine that the major public broadcasters and the major private broadcasters would voluntarily forego all sports rights! That would very quickly lead to the average annual audience figures dropping. The future in the form of live streaming on the Internet has long since arrived. But it will be many years before the Internet as a medium has completely replaced television. For bookmakers like Unibet and Betano, this means that television will continue to play an important role as an advertising platform in the future.

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