Online casino bonuses compared

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Online casino bonuses compared

In an online casino, of course, everything is about games and winning. For the players, the numerous bonuses are also at the top of the ranking, which make both even more attractive. A welcome bonus for new customers is almost mandatory and is offered by almost every reputable online casino. It is a little thank you for the fact that the customer has registered. But that’s not all. Older, or the so-called existing customers also do not have to do without great bargains and very special bonus code promotions. They too are kept in line with a selected, frequently changing bonus offer at regular intervals. For many newcomers, the question often arises before registering with an online provider which bonus type is the more attractive: real money or free spins? There are online casinos that offer real money, others offer free spins. And then there are those who are spoiled for choice because they provide both. We took a closer look at both bonus types. Read our conclusion here.

Note restrictions on free spins

With the term “free spin” it is clear from the name that this is not poker or the like. deals, but clearly about gaming on virtual slot machines. If an operator gives away 100 free spins – also known as free spins – as a thank you for registering, then the new customer can redeem them as desired – but usually only at selected slots. However, there are also online casinos that offer their new customers unrestricted access to all video slots. This means that the player can unlock and control and activate his free spins on any slot. However, you should be careful, and first read through the provider’s corresponding terms and conditions. It is very common for free spins to have a number of restrictions, such as wagering limits for each round, or to say that a maximum payout limit has been set. The respective sales conditions can also play a very large role. It is therefore extremely important to read everything carefully beforehand so that the bad awakening does not come later.

Such restrictions are of course very important for the operators of online casinos, since they can protect the providers from high losses. For example, in an online casino it is usually not possible to get a fat jackpot through free spins. Who’s wondering? After all, you gamble with the operator’s money.

Real money bonus for experienced players

Another popular bonus type at online casinos is the so-called real money bonus. The new customers receive an amount X from the operator immediately after their first deposit, which is then credited to their player account. It is common for most providers to simply double the amount deposited by the player. However, there are also online casinos that triple the amount, even if this is rather rare. Some online casinos are particularly geared towards experienced gamers, e.g. if you advertise a real money bonus of up to 1,000 euros. To sign up for such a bonus, however, it is advisable to have some experience. If so, you can actually get large sums from the provider. But here, too, certain general terms and conditions apply, which you should know beforehand. Often, winnings that have been made with the bonus amount have to be reused several times before one can actually dispose of the possible winnings and have them paid out. This can even be between 25 and 40 times. In very rare cases there are no restrictions.

How to decline a bonus

Even if it seems absurd at first, it is quite possible to completely reject the welcome bonus that an online casino offers. For one or the other it may sound extremely stupid if you reject something that you can get for free. In principle, we naturally agree with this attitude, but in some cases it can make a lot of sense to forego free free spins or money. For example, experienced gamers should not accept such a bonus in the first place, so that nothing stands in the way of their “hunt for the jackpot”. If you only play with your own money from the start, you no longer need to worry about wagering requirements or other restrictions. There is also no maximum limit for a possible profit for them. This means that any win, regardless of the amount, can be paid out immediately. In this case, only the respective payment options that set a withdrawal limit apply. These can usually be found in the banking area of ​​online casinos.

However, it is not so easy to forego these gifts from the providers. Anyone who decides not to accept a bonus must contact the customer service of the corresponding online casino immediately after registering and announce this. If you have already paid in, it is no longer possible to refuse the welcome bonus in most cases. Then there is only hope that the new online casino of choice is accommodating.

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