Mobile gambling is becoming increasingly popular

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Mobile gambling is becoming increasingly popular


Over time, the smartphone has become a constant companion. Quickly send a message to friends or family, like vacation pictures of acquaintances or get information on the Internet, are made possible by the mobile devices. Mobile gambling is also being promoted more and more, so that almost every casino and every betting provider has an offer for smartphones or tablets. The current figures from 2020 show that mobile betting and gaming on a slot will achieve the highest usage as early as 2025.

The mobile devices have a decisive advantage

A smartphone is usually part of every trip or shopping. Quickly pull the shopping list out of your hotel bag? Not since there was an application for this topic. Submit a transfer at the bank counter? Done quickly and easily using the bank’s online presence. Countless other examples can be listed that have become much more convenient with a smartphone.

The particular advantage of mobile devices is their independence from one location. Thanks to the internet on cell phones and tablets, it can be accessed anywhere in the world. The mobile phone can also be used on long trips or when visiting the in-laws, provided that a discussion has been sparked and you want to find out more about something.

The mobile offer is growing in all areas

Apart from the examples already mentioned, there are many other possibilities that a mobile device brings with it. Interesting pieces of furniture or a new computer game can now be purchased easily with a mobile phone.

Of course, what is interesting for a portal like is the development in the area of ​​gambling. Here, too, new insights can be found again and again, which are presented by the European Gambling & Betting Association, for example. All information on European gambling can be found here.

Mobile gambling is becoming more and more popular

Do a quick spin at a machine or place a sports bet while you’re on the go? No problem with an application or mobile website from a gaming provider. Almost every portal has noticed this trend in the meantime and therefore has a suitable offer ready, which customers can also take advantage of away from a computer.

The offer is adjusted on the smaller display so that you can move around the website without any problems, even from a cell phone or laptop. Customers don’t have to compromise. All bonus offers, features and payment methods are also available on a mobile device, so that a computer is no longer needed, for example.

Of course, it is important to note that you take a closer look at various things. The stake should always be checked before a spin in the casino or a bet is placed with a bookmaker. Due to the smaller screen, it can quickly happen that the wrong bet is selected and one is annoyed afterwards about a too high loss.

As early as 2025, the mobile offer should put everything in the shade

According to various media reports, the mobile offer should replace all other possibilities of a bet or casino spin as the most popular method as early as 2025. This is evident from the usage and the resulting predictions for mobile gambling.

The Corona crisis is also contributing to the fact that more and more players among tipsters are looking around the Internet. Since, for example, numerous gambling halls and betting shops are still closed in this country, an online provider is currently the only alternative to being able to play or type.

The online offer has already prevailed over local contact points in the past. In a report we showed that more and more gambling halls in Rhineland-Palatinate have to close because the customers are missing. In other federal states, too, the interest in the local contact points has decreased significantly, as the online portals offer many advantages.

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