Live betting ranking: William Hill, Unibet and Tipico remarkable

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Live betting ranking: William Hill, Unibet and Tipico remarkable

Online Gambling Quarterly has published a live betting ranking in which providers such as William Hill, Unibet and Tipico are compared with one another. The analysis is about determining the best providers for live betting and soccer live betting. For sports betting fans there are some exciting facts and figures in the current ranking. We looked at the ranking in detail. The specialist publication Online Gambling Quarterly has published an extensive analysis of the current betting offers of the top bookmakers. This analysis is primarily about live betting. This is a sensible restriction, because live betting is particularly time-consuming and costly for bookmakers. That is why the live betting portfolio shows very well which betting providers have a particularly high quality. In addition, live bets are extremely popular.

Exciting analysis of the sports betting portfolio

Many German sports betting fans also like to use live betting, especially when it comes to soccer games. In its current analysis, Online Gambling Quarterly also examined in detail which providers are ahead of the game when it comes to live betting in football. The live betting ranking is not about sales or economic success. Rather, Online Gambling Quarterly wanted to know which providers offer the most live bets and betting options. This is a useful comparison, but it is not easy to make in practice. There are many changes to live betting. Some betting options are also ended while games are in progress, so that the number of betting options, for example, can change very quickly. It would not make sense to look at any given point in time to see how high the number of live bets and betting options is at a bookmaker, as the special form of live bets can lead to random differences. That is why Online Gambling Quarterly carried out an extensive analysis and collected all data over a period of five days. This is a sensible thing, because it compensates for the fluctuations in the live bets.

We will focus on soccer betting in this article as most German sports betting fans are primarily interested in these bets. An astonishing discovery right at the start: On average, the top bookmakers analyzed by Online Gambling Quarterly offer 7849 live bets. All betting options are included in this number. The big betting providers have all the top games in their program. Among other things, the Bundesliga games are also given live bets by all bookmakers. But the Premier League, the Primera Division and Serie A are also fully represented in the live portfolio of all major betting providers. However, there are big differences in the number of betting options offered. Unibet is just ahead of Bet365 when it comes to live betting. These bookmakers have been popular for a very long time. But it is amazing that Unibet is in the lead. You can often read that Bet365 is the best when it comes to live betting. But at least during the study period it has been shown that Bet365 has had serious competition for live betting in the soccer field in recent years. An important finding from the live betting ranking is that there is probably no bookmaker who always has all the games in its program. That is why it can be worthwhile to use several bookmakers in order to be able to use the full range of football bets in the live area. Seasoned sports betting fans have long used this simple multi-bookmaker strategy. By the way, this strategy also has the advantage that it is much easier to use top odds. The quality of the odds does not play a role in the live betting ranking. But an ambitious sports betting fan should always make sure that bets have high odds.

When it comes to football betting, William Hill dominates overall

For the Online Gambling Quarterly it was also important to see who was on top overall in football betting. In this category, William Hill could clearly prevail against Unibet. The distance to the following bookmakers is amazing. However, a comparison also shows that the offers for fans of the German Bundesliga are very good at almost all top bookmakers. An astonishing detail in the soccer betting ranking is that Tipico is clearly lagging behind in tenth place. In terms of the variety in the portfolio, the well-known German bookmaker cannot compete with William Hill and the other top providers in this category. However, it must be mentioned that Tipico has an advantage that the other bookmakers in the ranking do not have: no fees. German sports betting fans can place football bets at Tipico without having to finance the German betting tax. Most other betting providers in Germany charge a fee of five percent in order to pay the betting tax that the German state collects. In this respect, the bets at Tipico are perhaps well below average in terms of number. But the bets on offer are in many cases much more attractive than those of the competition, at least for German sports betting fans. That is one of the reasons why Tipico has developed into one of the major betting providers in Germany in recent years. But it is still interesting to see that many other bookmakers have significantly more football bets in their program.

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