Lederhosen road trip to Las Vegas

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Lederhosen road trip to Las Vegas

There is no shortage of possible motivations for a trip to Las Vegas. There are, for example, those newly in love who plan to say yes in one of the many “wedding chapels” in the secret wedding capital of Nevada, or the tens of thousands of gambling fans, week after week along the legendary strip in one of the big ones Casinos want to challenge Fortuna, countless bachelorette parties, and, and, and. The spectacular shows that take place every evening at the Mirage, MGM Grand, Planet Hollywood or Treasure Island are worth the trip alone. International stars like Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Celine Dion, Elton John and excellent magicians like David Copperfield and Siegfried & Roy have performed here. In 2019, the largest city in the US state Nevada had more than 42 million guests. But there are also those who just want to experience something totally crazy and choose the legendary Sin City as their destination. Among them you can also find two young Germans who went on a crazy road trip to Las Vegas a good two years ago and just made their debut film “Ausgrissn! In der Lederhosn nach Las Vegas ”, which can currently be seen in numerous German cinemas.

About wet lederhosen and a pair of traditional socks

“You can’t have more Lederhosen love” was the headline of a major German daily newspaper on the occasion of the film’s start of “Ausgrissn! In the Lederhosn to Las Vegas ”. The two brothers Thomas (24) and Julian Wittmann (27) put on their lederhosen around two years ago, grabbed the Zündapp mopeds and set off on the 12,000-kilometer journey from their home in Bavaria to the gambling metropolis in the Mojave Desert. Her luggage consisted only of five underpants, five T-shirts, a pair of traditional stockings and a small tent. The trip in the short leather jacket lasted three months. Cold and continuous rain alternated with brooding heat. “The lederhosen were the perfect choice. It is practically indestructible, comfortable and looks chic and festive even after such a long time. In addition, we were on the road as ambassadors for Bavaria, what else should we have been wearing? “Comments the 27-year-old Julian Wittmann on the chosen outfit and his brother Thomas adds:” The only stupid thing was when we got into a hurricane on the east coast. The lederhosen got soaked in the rain and it took a while until they were dry again. “With a grin, he adds:” That one pair of traditional socks was maybe a little tight … ”

“Where is Bavaria actually?”

The starting point of the trip was the old Bavarian duke town of Erding. The city with almost 35,000 inhabitants is located almost exactly in the middle between Munich and Landshut. From there it went first to Antwerp, then by ship to New York and from the east coast metropolis her way led across the United States. They drove along Route 66 and achieved an average speed of around 40 km per hour with only 3 hp each. The Bavarian brothers met dropouts, gun freaks and representatives of the Hells Angels. “The Lederhosen were such a door opener for us, because of course the Americans saw straight away that we were exotic. We first had to explain to them that not everyone in Germany walks around like that … ”, says Julian. Thomas also remembers a story: “An American, whom we met on the trip and with whom we still have some contact, recently sent us a photo of himself in leather pants. He actually bought such a cheap imitation. But of course we told him that it looks good … ”

Even if it may appear at first, the two young men from Upper Bavaria were not welcome everywhere – at least not immediately. In Arkansas, for example, they met a very skeptical farmer. He was wearing a rifle and wanted to know where they were from. “From Bavaria!” Was the answer, but the farmer had no idea where it could be. Although they seemed very exotic to him, he took Julian and Thomas in for one night. Then it was clear to him where Bavaria was.

Thomas and Julian Wittmann went out into the world so that they could be recognized as Bavarians and not to defy a cultural cliché. You can convince yourself of this in the documentary “Ausgrissn! In the Lederhosn to Las Vegas ”, which is currently in cinemas. This bizarre road movie is the first film from the newly founded distribution label “Majestic Sunseitn”, which aims to bring Bavarian films to the cinemas. With “Ausgrissn! The Lederhosn nach Las Vegas “is not just a documentary film, it is rather embedded in a fictional framework, and in this, along with some actors, the Bavarian comedy legend Monika Gruber can be seen as a cleaning lady.


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