Katy Perry in Las Vegas: Pop star should get a big show and high salary

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Katy Perry in Las Vegas: Pop star should get a big show and high salar

For the world-famous singer Katy Perry, there could soon be the next step in her career with her own show in Las Vegas. The Resorts World Casino plans to host the first concerts in a few months. The idea is not new: Many Las Vegas hotel casinos invest large sums of money in singers and bands to attract visitors. However, a lot has changed over the decades. At the time of Frank Sinatra, musicians who had a big name but no longer had a great career appeared in Las Vegas. But a lot has changed in the last decade. Many international top stars, who would also earn a lot of money with normal tours, decide to perform regularly in Las Vegas for a few months or even longer. The financial incentive is gigantic.

Katy Perry really wants to clear away in Las Vegas

The exact numbers are not known in the deal between Katy Perry and Resorts World Casino. But it can be assumed that Katy Perry will be rewarded princely. Just how popular Katy Perry is, is clear from the fact that the Resorts World Casino provides a concert hall with 5,000 seats for the events that take place on a regular basis. On a major tour, Katy Perry could perform in front of 50,000 spectators and more. But when there are several shows a week in Las Vegas, it is a spectacular achievement to regularly fill a concert hall with 5,000 visitors. But why is Katy Perry willing, beyond the financial incentives, to perform exclusively in Las Vegas for a while? The comfortable lifestyle that comes with such a deal plays a big role in this. A global tour can be very lucrative. But the psychological and physical strain on major tours is immense. Katy Perry gave birth to a daughter last year and wants to spend a lot of time with her family. This is probably much easier with a permanent commitment in Las Vegas. There is a permanent place of residence, a great deal of regularity in the daily routine and, by the way, the necessary change for the not-so-cheap real estate in Las Vegas.
In the meantime, it is also an award for top stars to be able to perform in Las Vegas. Many international superstars have had their own shows in Las Vegas in recent years or are still performing in Las Vegas. Some of the most famous names include Elton John, Lady Gaga, and Britney Spears. Las Vegas benefits from the fact that new people keep coming to the city. This means that there is always a new audience for the big events. In no other city in the USA would it be possible to offer the same show over and over again over several months or even years and to fill all the seats. Even in big New York, this only works for the superstars for a few weeks. In today’s music business, most of the money is made with live performances. Last but not least, the new deal also gives Katy Perry a high level of planning security, because the Resorts World Casino ensures that the concerts are attended. Katy Perry just has to worry about the show.

It’s not just gambling that generates revenue in Las Vegas

Traditionally, musicians and other top stars were brought to Las Vegas to attract people who ended up playing in the casinos. But in recent years the relationship between the gambling business and the other sources of income in Las Vegas has changed. Before the great health crisis, about half of Las Vegas sales were made with offers beyond gambling. It will be exciting to see if this trend continues when Las Vegas is back in full swing. Things should get down to business again in Las Vegas in autumn. The timing of Katy Perry’s new show is no accident. This new show aims to attract a lot of people who might not otherwise travel to Las Vegas.

In the USA, the gaming market is currently changing significantly. The new online casinos could also be dangerous for the casinos in Las Vegas. But maybe the online casinos will also be an attractive addition to the classic hotel casinos. Eventually every hotel casino will soon have its own online casino, which will generate income when the hotel visitors are back home. There are many creative ways to make good use of the new online gambling market. But at the moment the big casino operators are trembling mainly because nobody knows exactly how quickly Las Vegas will recover after the greatest crisis of the last few decades. Even if more people come to Las Vegas again, it should still be months before the feeling of normalcy returns. Maybe Katy Perry’s first show at Resorts World Casino will be something like the start of a new era for Las Vegas.


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