Gauselmann and Fortuna Düsseldorf are cooperating more closely

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Gauselmann and Fortuna Düsseldorf are cooperating more closely

What belongs together grows together. One could describe the new cooperation between the Gauselmann Group from Espelkamp and the football club Fortuna Düsseldorf in this way or something like that. Because actually both have been working together for a long time. Fortuna Düsseldorf has been a tenant of the Merkur Arena in the North Rhine-Westphalian state capital, which is sponsored by the Gauselmann Group, for years. But now you are also an official partner on top. What does this mean? That primarily sports betting from Fortuna Düsseldorf can only be offered through Gauselmann. Sponsoring from other providers is to be excluded according to the contract. Both parties expect it to be a win-win situation.

Cooperation of mutual benefit

Fortuna was denied sporting success with relegation to the 2nd Bundesliga. Now, with the money from Espelkamp, ​​the foundation stone is to be laid for a successful 2nd league season and a direct return to the 1st Bundesliga. Both sides are silent about the scope of the cooperation, but it can be assumed that it is probably an amount in the millions. The Gauselmann Group has been paying EUR 3.75 million annually since 2018 for the naming rights to the Düsseldorf stadium, which has been renamed the Merkur Arena and the Merkur sun is now shining on the facade. For Fortuna Düsseldorf it is definitely a stroke of luck, as Christian Koke, Marketing Director at the football club, explains: “The fact that we, as the main tenant of the Merkur Spiel-Arena, have now been able to conclude a comprehensive partnership with the namesake is an important step for them Fortuna, which only now became possible. We are pleased to be able to exclusively welcome a company based in North Rhine-Westphalia as a partner in this sector, because the gambling and gaming market, which also includes sports betting, is economically exciting in football, but also a sensitive field. We would like to thank the people in charge of the Gauselmann Group for the fair discussions and the willingness to enter into such a long-term and comprehensive partnership with us in a difficult time like this. ”Manfred Stoffers, Marketing Director at Gauselmann Group: “We are really looking forward to the partnership with Fortuna. After all, Fortuna is one of the most important lighthouses in Düsseldorf sport, which we promote in its colorful diversity. Now our partnership is complete. And by the way: if it says Mercury on it, Mercury has to be inside. But it is much more important that through our sponsoring we can make a small contribution to ensuring that Fortuna gets back on the road to success as quickly as possible. ”

Gauselmann on the move to online betting

It should be clear that the Gauselmann Group is not only involved out of love for football, and it is not reprehensible either. Of course, the primary expectation is an economic benefit from the cooperation. Not only should the awareness of the Merkur brand be strengthened, but the company also wants to prepare for the upcoming online sports betting and online casino market in the coming year and position itself accordingly. Because at the moment the Gauselmann Group does not offer any serious online casino in Germany that can be played with real money, except in Schleswig-Holstein. With the new State Treaty on Gambling, however, a lot should change. A ban on live sports betting is still in focus, but whether and how this will be interpreted is not yet certain. For the Gauselmann Group it would definitely make sense to apply for a license for an online casino and then expand this to online sports betting. This would give you a completely legal offer in the booming online gambling market. So far, in contrast to many other providers, the group has shied away from any commitment that was legally not absolutely watertight. This of course strengthens the reputation of absolute security for players with a completely serious offer. Fortuna Düsseldorf also benefits from this as it has a partner who can boast an excellent image. This was only recently confirmed again when the Merkur gambling halls were named the most popular gambling halls in Germany according to a survey by the magazine Focus Money. And not for the first time.

The Gauselmann Group naturally also keeps an eye on the current development of the online market, which has experienced a tremendous boom in recent months – not least due to the pandemic. Gambling halls could no longer be visited in “reality”, so as an enthusiastic gamer you have switched to virtual worlds and may have found a taste for them. The sports betting market also recovered very quickly after restarting from many sporting events and is experiencing something of a boom. It is only more than understandable that the Gauselmann Group wants to create additional pillars in the industry. Many providers of sports betting and online casinos are already sponsoring sports clubs or sports events. But some of them are still in a legal gray area. Gauselmann seems to want to prevent this at all costs and is relying on a long-term, legally secure strategy. Next year we will see whether Fortuna Düsseldorf will achieve the desired sporting success. We keep our fingers crossed.

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