Evolution Gaming: Cooperation with PointsBet in the USA sealed

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Evolution Gaming: Cooperation with PointsBet in the USA sealed

Evolution Gaming and PointsBet have announced that they will cooperate in the American market in the future. Evolution Gaming is the leading provider of live dealer games. With the new Live Casino, the Australian company PointsBet, which has so far been particularly successful as a bookmaker, also wants to get started in the USA in the casino sector. In the United States, modern online casinos are now permitted in some states. PointsBet is an Australian betting company that has also been active in the USA since 2018. PointsBet now offers sports betting in Iowa, Indiana and New Jersey. However, PointsBet does not want to be satisfied with sports betting, because in the meantime there is also the possibility of offering online gambling in New Jersey. The only problem is: PointsBet does not have its own casino portfolio, so cooperation with game manufacturers and platform operators is necessary.

Australian bookmaker wants to go into the casino business

Through the deal with Evolution Gaming, PointsBet can offer the best live dealer games in the world in the USA. This is not an exaggeration. Evolution has been winning all major awards and prizes for live casinos for years. The company has set the standard for live dealer games in recent years. There are now various other companies that make live casinos available. But the best games are still offered and developed by Evolution Gaming. It is particularly exciting that Evolution Gaming regularly produces new game ideas. For example, there is now a whole list of TV games in Evolution’s portfolio. In the past, there were only classic casino games such as roulette, blackjack, poker and baccarat. But Evolution Gaming recognized early on that a live casino offers the possibility of providing completely different games of chance than table games. TV games are often the first choice, especially for the many casino visitors who are not familiar with the great classics. PointsBet would like to benefit from the huge portfolio and the extraordinary quality of PointsBet in the USA.

PointsBet has also been on the US market since 2018. At that time, PointsBet opened the first ever live casino studio in the USA in Atlantic City. What is a live casino studio? Live dealer games are run by real people. The games are broadcast live to the online casinos via cameras. In order for this to work optimally, there must be a high-quality studio in which well-trained dealers and moderators can lead the games around the clock. Basically, a live casino studio is like a television studio. It is worth exploring PointsBet’s live dealer games, for example at Sunmaker Casino, because it is amazing how intense the live experience has become with the top games from Evolution Gaming. A concrete casino will always have advantages that even the best virtual replica cannot offer. But based on the technology currently available, Evolution Gaming is way ahead and it’s remarkable how good the games are now looking. In addition, Evolution Gaming has the advantage that the games are offered around the clock in online casinos. At least in Germany there is no casino that is open around the clock. Thanks to the cooperation with Evolution Gaming, PointsBet can offer absolute top quality in the live area right from the start. This is a remarkable feat that could pay off very quickly. There’s no reason to believe that American gambling fans won’t be enjoying Evolution’s live dealer games too.

Further Evolution studios under construction

Evolution Gaming has big plans in the US market. That’s why a second live studio is currently being built in Pennsylvania. By the end of the year, games should also take place in this live casino studio. A third live casino studio will soon be established in Michigan. This studio is due to be inaugurated in 2021. With three live casino studios, Evolution Gaming will be excellently positioned for the American market, whereby it can be assumed that more studios will be added if more states allow online casinos. PointsBet also benefits from the fact that Evolution Gaming is very broadly positioned on the American market. The current cooperation gives PointsBet access to all live dealer games from Evolution. In addition, PointsBet could also benefit from the fact that Evolution is currently in the process of buying the slots specialist NetEnt. If this deal is closed, there may be news soon that PointsBet may also use a license for the slot machines from NetEnt. It is very likely, because Evolution Gaming wants to be successful in the USA in the long term with a complete casino package. NetEnt not only offers excellent games in the slots area. The Swedish game manufacturer also has its own casino platform, which is suitable for developing complete casinos. Evolution Gaming and PointsBet therefore still have a lot of development potential for future cooperation.

The current PointsBet casino platform is at best below average compared to European standards. That will change, however, also and especially through the cooperation with Evolution Gaming. Live casinos are an entirely new attraction for the US market. There is a lot of growth potential in the US anyway, as there are very few online casinos so far. Accordingly, gambling fans in America have the opportunity to explore this variant of gambling from scratch. In contrast to the European gambling fans, who were able to watch over the last two decades how online gambling has developed in terms of content and quality, the Americans can immediately start at the top level. That should help make online casinos successful very quickly. Whether PointsBet will become a big number on the US market should be seen very quickly. The combination of sports betting and casino games has proven itself in Europe and there are good reasons to assume that American gambling fans will not only like to use sports betting but also online gambling. The overall size of the market depends on many factors. But even if PointsBet were only to conquer a respectable market share in states that currently allow sports betting and casino games, that would be huge business. The greatest challenge, however, arises from the fact that many other companies and corporations also know this and therefore invest a lot of effort in order to be successful in the USA.

Exclusive tables for PointsBet as a special attraction

An interesting part of the new deal between PointsBet and Evolution Gaming are the exclusive tables that are in the contract. What do you mean with that? In the future, Evolution will offer special table games that can only be used by PointsBet customers. In terms of content, there will probably be no particular deviations from other games. But the combination of the PointsBet brand with the games on offer may create a completely different incentive for PointsBet customers to use these games. In addition, PointsBet shows that there is a great deal of commitment to live dealer games. It is not cheap to offer exclusive table games in a live casino. These tables are ultimately only worthwhile for PointsBet if a corresponding number of customers take advantage of these special offers. In addition to the exclusive tables, PointsBet also has an exclusive gaming atmosphere on offer at these tables. One reason why Evolution Gaming does not just have a single live casino studio is that there are various providers in Europe now also in the USA who attach great importance to being able to offer exclusive table games. However, this is only possible if there are a corresponding number of dealers and tables available. The young US market can look forward to PointsBet getting a very modern live casino with an individual touch.

US market is facing a major revolution in the casino sector


The current deal between PointsBet and Evolution Gaming is just one of many collaborations that have recently been concluded. Many more cooperations between casino operators and game manufacturers will follow. The reason is very simple: The US market offers huge potential and the current crisis is accelerating digitization considerably. Now even Google has announced that it will integrate sports betting apps and perhaps casino apps into Google Play. That would be an important step forward for the entire US gaming market. There is also an interesting effect on the operators of the concrete casinos as a result of the current crisis. Land-based casino providers have noticed that there are situations in which online casinos have a significant advantage. This is why the resistance to online gambling on the part of the classic gambling industry in the USA will probably be replaced by the endeavor to operate their own online casinos. None of this will happen within the next few weeks and months. But it is absolutely clear that online gambling has also arrived in the USA. Now it’s just a matter of observing how quickly this market will develop. It is absolutely clear that companies like PointsBet and Evolution Gaming that take part in the party early on have a good chance of celebrating economic success.

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