Concord Card Casino is celebrating a brilliant comeback

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Concord Card Casino is celebrating a brilliant comeback

But the situation has now eased across Europe. In Austria, too, many things are possible again that were banned or significantly restricted in the last 15 months. When the Concord Card Casino in Vienna-Simmering reopened, it became clear that there are still many Austrian gaming fans who love stationary gaming. The Concord Card Casino in particular has proven time and again in recent years that it is quite possible to compete with the best online casinos with an attractive offer. The Concord Card Casino in Vienna-Simmering is currently only allowed to allow four guests at each table. However, it is theoretically possible to invite up to 1,500 people to events indoors. The decisive requirement, however, is that each guest must be assigned a seat. The opening times are currently between 5 a.m. and 10 p.m. This is not ideal for the Concord Card Casino, but at least a start. The gastronomic part of the establishment may also be activated.

In Austria, the so-called 3G rule has been devised, which is intended to express that the guests must either be vaccinated, recovered or tested indoors. Already in the first days after the reopening it became clear that there are many gambling fans who have missed the Concord Card Casino. This is not a big surprise, because even the biggest fans of online gambling like to visit a classic casino every now and then. The Concord Card Casino is a specialty in Austria. In recent years there have been repeated difficulties for the operator Peter Zahoni. However, there were no problems with the guests or the popularity of the offer. Rather, Zahoni has been fighting with the authorities and politics for years. Austria among the few countries in Europe that are still trying to maintain a gambling monopoly. But not only Peter Zahoni is convinced that his offer is in accordance with EU law.

Concord Card Casino will be closed again soon?

A very strange story has been going on around the Concord Card Casino for years, which is only possible in this form in Austria. In principle, the legislature would like to allow classic casino operations only at the twelve Casinos Austria locations. But the Concord Card Casino was still able to establish itself as a private poker provider. How this could work in detail and why the authorities did not ban CCC from the start can only be explained historically. But the fact is that Peter Zahoni has now again managed to open the Concord Card Casino in Vienna-Simmering. The question now is how to proceed. At some point there will probably have to be clarification of EU law on gaming laws in Austria. Perhaps it will even come to the point that the Austrian state will have to pay Peter Zahoni compensation for lost income in recent years. That is rather unlikely, but it is not completely impossible either. First of all, poker fans in Austria can look forward to the fact that the Concord Card Casino is welcoming guests again.

For many gambling fans, the stationary providers are the first address, not only in Austria. There are also many gambling fans in Germany who have suffered considerably in the last 15 months. Casinos and gambling halls were completely closed for long periods of time. But even when the casinos and amusement arcades were able to open, there were unpleasant hygiene regulations that have deterred many gambling fans from visiting. Many casinos and amusement arcades are opening again in Austria. In Germany, too, there are already the first providers to receive gambling fans again. The gaming industry in Germany is facing an exciting year because the new State Treaty on Gaming will come into force on July 1, 2021. If there are online casinos with a German license in the near future, it will have to be shown whether the casinos and amusement arcades will still be as popular as they were before the crisis. Many experts believe that the future belongs to online gambling. The only thing that remains unclear is how long it will take before sales from online gaming are higher than sales in casinos and gambling halls.


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